Complaints Procedure

Investment Mastery aim to provide high quality service to our clients which we believe we achieve most of the time. However, if you feel we are not getting it right, we welcome you to let us know. Customer satisfaction is important to us and to ensure our services remain at a high standard, we have a procedure for you to be able voice any reason(s) why you are not satisfied with us and/or the service(s) we offer.

Step One:
If you are unhappy with Investment Mastery and/or any of its services, in the first instance please communicate this to us via email to Upon receipt of your email, we will log your complaint and reply to confirm that we have received your correspondence.

Step Two:
Your complaint will then be investigated internally. We aim respond to you within 5 working days from confirmed receipt of your query. If for any reason our investigation takes longer than this, we will write to you and let you know that we require additional days before we come back to you. The reason for this being that our aim is to come to an agreement that protects both parties.

Step Three:
Once our internal investigation has been conducted, you will be contacted via email by one of our service drive team who will outline the solution(s) offered by Investment Mastery and arrange to discuss these with you further should you wish.

Step Four (if required):
If you are not satisfied by the solution(s) offered, we will continue in our efforts to offer a resolution to your complaint but will ask that you allow us a further three working days to do so. As above, you will be contacted via email by one of our service drive team, who will outline the solution(s) offered.

We sincerely hope by this stage that we have resolved your complaint, however if you remain unsatisfied, we will escalate this further and arrange for a call between you and a member of the management team to allow you to express your concerns directly, with the aim to reach a mutual solution to resolve them.

We appreciate your feedback.