How To Master Your Money Like The Rich!​

Take control of your finances today with the money management calculator accompanied by a 3-part mini-course, combining practical tools and expert guidance. Learn how to break free from financial limitations, take charge of your finances, and build long-term wealth with expert guidance.

Step 1

Start by entering your monthly take-home income into the first box provided. This should be the amount of money you receive after taxes and other deductions have been made. 

Step 2

Consider the average percentage of your current income allocated to the musts pot. Then, based on your financial priorities and goals, determine the suitable percentages for the remaining three pots.

Step 3

Inputting the correct details will allow the calculator to generate results. Once the calculations are complete, you can download your results.

This is rent, bills, food… the absolute musts to live.
This is other direct debits, like gym, Netflix etc.
Literally, everything like cinema, eating out, clothes that are necessities etc.
This is stocks, cryptos, mutual funds, property, etc.



Arrow down

Must (Necessities)


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Wants / Other


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Disposable Income


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Investing / Saving


Break Free From The Paycheck-to-Paycheck Cycle

Take Charge of Your Finances with the Money Pot System

Build Long-Term Wealth With Smart Investing Practices

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A money management calculator is a tool that helps you determine how to allocate your income into different categories, such as necessities, investments/savings, wants/other expenses, and disposable income.

A money management calculator uses your take-home income to distribute your money into different categories based on your preferences. This helps you determine the best amount to allocate to each category, making it easier to reach your financial goals.

Using a money management calculator comes with several advantages. Firstly, it allows you to effortlessly keep track of where the majority of your money is being spent, simplifying your savings and investment efforts towards achieving your financial goals. Furthermore, it helps you make well-informed decisions regarding fund allocation, ultimately speeding up the accomplishment of your financial objectives.

To make the most of a money management calculator, begin by reviewing your bank account to determine the average portion of your take-home income that is currently allocated to paying for necessities (your must-pot). Based on this, calculate the appropriate distribution of your income among the other pots. This will offer a clear overview of how much should be allocated to each category, helping you achieve your financial goals.

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